Quilt Block Wind Farm

Quilt Block Wind farm, presently under construction is located in Darlington, WI and is owned by EDP Renewables. When completed it will have 49 turbines that will give off a total of 98 megawatts of energy. This is enough to power 36,000 homes.


Dillon Wind Farm located in an ideal spot in the wind-rich San Gorgonio Pass near North Palm Springs, order CA is owned by Iberdrola Renewables. It is a 45 turbine project that became fully functional in May of 2008.

American Cable Recyclers

American Cable Recyclers, medical Inc. is paying the highest prices for bare brite copper, which is for grounding on the towers, insulated #1 and  insulated URD  cable that is buried in the ground.  American Cable Recyclers, Inc. goes by the New York stock exchange Comax copper market on a daily basis.